(Un)Rest In (Un)Peace

America’s yearning for deficient peace suppresses our potential for advancement. As I watch people across the country, and even outside the country, riot/loot/demonstrate/grieve/cry-out a common call for ‘peace’ reverberates among the airwaves and television broadcasts. I’m trying to process my own emotions in this vexatious season, still dispirited from the ongoing novel coronavirus pandemic and … Continue reading (Un)Rest In (Un)Peace

HBCUs or HWCUs: The Costs of ‘Higher Education’

‘Twas the summer of 2007, I was a recent high-school graduate about to tread the grounds of the historic Tuskegee University (TU) campus. I don’t exactly remember how I felt, nor my exact expectations, but I do recall the comfort in the fact that I chose to be there and the belief that somehow the … Continue reading HBCUs or HWCUs: The Costs of ‘Higher Education’

Stop the Madness – Enough is Enough

There’s a need for us to be more proactive than reactive

I'm Just Saying

Isaiah 11:6D (“and the little ones shall lead them“)… Congratulations to the courageous high school students from Florida and around the world who organized millions to make their voices heard on the issue of violence invading our society and particularly our schools. We are thankful for the parents and adult allies who encouraged, empowered and supported this next generation of leaders. May they remain fearless. 

However as encouraged as I am with this weekends activities it is still reactionary. Yes I said reactionary! Americans are more prone to react to crisis rather than strategically address the root problem that we created and continue to perpetuate. Violence in America is an adult based creation and that includes our fantasy with weapons of all calibers (which I will address in another blog).

Violence is a public health crisis in America! We can neither march, enforce, legislate or negotiate our way…

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Marvel’s Black Panther Film: Why I’m More Concerned Than Celebratory

I know, some folks (maybe you included) felt this was the best film ever produced, others thought it a watershed moment, and so on. I watched the film, and I surveyed the exuberant reaction by black folks, and even with the multiple unconventional aspects of this film I feel like black folks should be concerned … Continue reading Marvel’s Black Panther Film: Why I’m More Concerned Than Celebratory